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What is the bunker?.......
We're a quirky little Food Hut/Bar in Melton Mowbray that offers delicious Homemade comfort food, Homemade Desserts, Beers,
House wine & Unique cocktails! 

The inspiration for our Quirky little spot comes from our campervan travels across America.
We stumbled across an old gold mining Ghost Town aptly named Goldpoint in the Nevada Dessert.
Greeted by the sweetest old cowboy Walt
he showed us around his town with a population of just 6!
Walt was egger to show off his saloon.

It was built of wood, full of crap and cosy like Sunday slippers! 

We've had many a great memories popping in to to see Walt over the years and decided to bring a little slice of the saloon home.

a little about us.......
We're not quite husband & wife but we do make a good team! 
Former electricians, Business partners & Life Partners.
Adventurers and promoters of the saying "Life is too short"

We also do everything together! 
All the cooking, Cleaning, Supplier shopping, Paperwork & Management.

Absolutely everything!
And without a single argument!
And if you believe that, you'll believe anything! 

We're not holders of Michelin Stars & Our establishment definitely isn't no Wetherspoons.
What you get is delicious comfort food served in a cosy environment! 

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